Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Nicalu' olive grove is located in the sunny hills below the Etruscan town of Vetulonia , in Castiglione Della Pescaia, South Tuscany about 40 metres above sea level. The olives used are mainly Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino variety, typical of the Tuscany region, and widely regarded for producing the finest in extra virgin olive oil.

Nicalu' is a single-estate extra virgin olive oil produced on a small-scale by traditional organic methods used in Tuscany for hundreds of years, just as nature intended. The trees are tended by hand, and no chemical treatments or pesticides are used. The olive trees grow with very little water and lots of sunshine. The organic methods mean lower production volumes but a very high quality of oil. This is in contrast to the large scale producers who use olives from many groves across Italy, high volume production methods that are less organic, and who often store olives for many days before pressing, which diminishes the unique freshness and flavour..

Nicalu's olives are hand-picked, stone-ground and pressed just a few hours after harvest within a few miles of the grove at a traditional cold-press mill with giant stone wheels. The oil has an intense green colour with hints of gold, is very aromatic with a smell of freshly mown grass, and has a sweet full-bodied flavour with a peppery finish. It tastes wonderful drizzled on bread, with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, and as a salad dressing..

We have sold out for 2019 but are taking pre-orders for 2020. We are a small farm and have a limited production so please send in your requests early. For guests staying at our homes, enjoy a free bottle of Nicalù Extra Virgin Olive Oil during your stay.

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